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Pontiac vehicles we service

Firebird 1994-2002

Pontiac engines we specialize in


Pontiac Services and repairs

Scheduled maintenance as per Pontiac
Brake system maintenance and repair
Control arm and bushing repairs and service
Wheel bearing and axle shaft repair and service
Transmission and Differential service and repairs
Intake valve carbon cleaning services
Timing chain service and repairs
Water pump/Thermostat repairs and service
Fuel system repair and service to address fuel economy and engine light issues
Electrical system diagnosis and repair
Oil consumption remedy solutions
Oil leak repairs
Exhaust system repairs
Full engine rebuild for the LS series engines
Engine light diagnosing and repairing

Pontiac Performance Program

Summer wheel sets
Brake system upgrades
Lowering springs, airbag conversion and coilovers
Control arm and bushing upgrades
Exhaust system upgrades
Intake system upgrades
Engine and transmission mount reinforcements
Intercooler upgrades
Forced induction upgrades
Engine build for the LS series engines
Cooling system upgrades
Engine PCM remapping